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Field Player

Management page shows a summary of the team's resources and recruited field players. Field players can be levelled up and their training or drills can be customized.


The top section of management page shows the following information about team:


The Squad section displays all field players present on the team, with a limit of maximum 32 field players. Field players can be recruited or released to free up space.


Plus Buttons

Each field player has three basic stats, namely Strength, Agility, Defense. These stats can be levelled up to a limit of 100. After obtaining 100 experience points from playing games, you can update one stat of your choosing by clicking on of the Plus Buttons.

Training & Drills

Open Slot

Training and drills that players undergo can be customized for players with open time slots. Training cannot be customized for the three types of field players, namely Forward, Midfielder, Defender as they already follow a predefined training regime, while every type of field player can undergo any drill. Furthermore, players can also dedicate one time slot as a gift, which has benefits for team players in Unrated Games.


Book Button

Field players can also undergo a bootcamp. Bootcamp is available only for field players with 2 open time slots and requires a bootcamp ticket. The purpose of a bootcamp is to open the 3rd time slot. To send a field player to bootcamp click the Book Button.