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Store page shows a list of field players available for recruiting, training and drills can be ordered or refunded and field players can be released from squad.

Recruiting Field Players

The store offers 16 random field players which can be recruited by a team with sufficient resources and a free place in squad. Teams from different Cups may notice that the store selections differs with the teams with higher Cup having a better chance of receiving more expensive players.

Reroll Button

The store also offers the ability to reroll the current selection by pressing the Reroll Button either by using a Store Ticket or 10000 resources.

Ordering and Refunding Training & Drills

The store lists a selection of training and drills which can be ordered or refunded.

Releasing Field Players

Field players in squad can be released into the store. This frees up place in squad to obtain different players and partially refunds the cost of recruiting them.