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Game Balancing17 May 2022

Changed goalkeeper behaviour not to chase after ball after kicking it. Added a delay to being tackled except when passing a ball. Ball can now be picked a bit easier when its bouncing on ground.

Quick game mode30 April 2021

Added a quick game mode which allows people to join in mid-game.

Tutorial and singleplayer gamemode22 April 2021

Added a tutorial and a singleplayer game mode played with AI. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

Play as Guest12 April 2021

Added the option to try the game without creating an account. Simply click play as guest button to give the game a try.

KickAround Live is here31 March 2021

The first release of KickAround Live contains 5 aside football multiplayer game, sandbox mode to test out your field players and a selections of training and drills to customize players. Find out more information on KickAround Wiki.

Field Players

KickAround Live is a free to play multiplayer 5 aside football game, where players can build their team and play with friends around the world.