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Do not take and it will not be taken from you.
Receive what is given and give gratitude.

Gifts refer to the use of field player's open timeslot for the benefit of field players from other teams.


Field players are able to help with the training of other manager's field players by using one open time slot.

Unlike drills gifts do not normally affect field players from the same team, but do affect all other field players on the same side from other teams. Gifts have no effect in Rated Games. Thus, gifts are useful when playing Unrated Games. For example, given a 4v4 unrated game, a player's gift will affect 3 other players. If you would however, play 2v2 unrated game and one of your field players have a gift, it's effect will apply to other 2 players.

Unlike drills, each field player can only use at most one gift. Furthermore, you can select a gift to use while in game in Field Player selection interface by clicking on your selected field player's slots. This way, the slot you click on will be overwriten with a gift just for this game.