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Field Players

Field players refer to players who participate in football matches.


Each field player has three basic stats, which can be trained by obtaining experience from games. Hundred experience points are required to increase a stat by one, up to a limit of 100. While each stat is limited at 100, the effects of higer stats can be achieved by using drills and gifts.

  • Strength affects speed of charging powerful shots
  • Agility affects movement speed and dash recharge time
  • Defense affects duration and length of defensive tackling


There are four types of field players:

  • Forward - good for poweful kicks
  • Midfielder - able to dash with ball
  • Defender - good at defensive tackling
  • All-Rounder - customizable training


Forward players are good for powerful kicks. By charing up a strong kick, a player that follows forward training is able to shoot at a much faster speed. A good use of a Forward player is for scoring goals or passing ball over long distance.


Midfielder have the ability to dash with ball.


Defenders have good tackling capabilities.


All-Rounders have the ability to undergo any training. By using their open drill slots an All-Rounder can undergo one, two or all three trainings. An All-Rounder with three trainings would obtain the shooting power of a Forward, the ability to dash with ball and tackling capabilities of a Defender.