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There are two types of games: Unrated and Rated, and a Sandbox Mode.

Unrated Game

Unrated games can be created by anyone in a lobby. Players can join these and up to 8 players can play in one unrated game at the same time.

Rated Game

To play a rated game, join the rated game queue. Players are matched based on Rank and players of similar Rank are matched faster. Winning, losing or resigning affects the Rank of the teams.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox Mode allows a team to try out their players in a private area.


After playing rated or unrated games, the field players that played in the game receive exp points. A number of resources is added to the team and Cup Points are adjusted.

If available, there is a also chance to obtain a ticket. There are two types of tickets: Bootcamp Ticket and Store Ticket.